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Participants of the Workshop are invited to take part of the poster challenge with a generous prize offered by EPS.

The prize consists of:


All PhD and Master students are eligible.

Criteria for evaluation

Judges appointed by the Organizers. They will read the posters and discuss the posters with the presenters during the poster session. If the number of posters is large, every judge may not see every poster, but at least some judge will.

The posters are judged on the following criteria:

Scientific quality and Contribution to the field

  • Clear description of the issues being researched, methodology and results.
  • Good knowledge of the relevant scholarly literature.
  • Originality of the research
  • Conclusion is soundly based on empirical findings.


  • Quality of presentation and discussion. Mastery of relevant issues: does the presenter really understand the issues in depth, including seeing the strengths and weaknesses of the ideas and methods. [Allowance is made if the presenter is not a native English speaker.]
  • Clarity of poster and quality of poster appearance.

The judges confer and come to a consensus as to which presentation(s) will be given an award. Winners are announced towards the end of the conference.

If you're presenting a poster at the Workshop and belong to the eligible group, you will be asked by the Organizers if you want to participate in the challenge; a visit of the judges to your poster will be scheduled during a poster session.

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