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  • Mikko Alava (Aalto University, Finland): “The yielding of dislocation assemblies: avalanches and predictability”
  • Stefan Boettcher (Emory University, US): “Relaxation and aging in jammed glasses, the ubiquity of record dynamics, and the failure of trap models”
  • Nirvana Belen Caballero (University of Geneva, Switzerland): “Interfaces: A step beyond the elastic approximation”
  • Sergio Ciliberto (ENS Lyon, France): “Dielectric measures of mechanically stressed polycarbonate films”
  • Jerome Crassous (University of Rennes, France): “Fluctuations of plasticity into a stationary shear band”
  • Gary Delaney (CSIRO, Australia): “Yielding of jammed packings of frictional non-spherical particles near to the limit of mechanical stability”
  • Yanina Fasano (Bariloche Atomic Center, Argentina): “Unveiling the Vortex Glass Phase in the Surface and Volume of a Type-II Superconductor”
  • Paula Gago (Imperial College, UK): “Critical behaviour of fluid injection driven fracturing into weakly consolidated sands”
  • Pamela Guruciaga (Bariloche Atomic Center, Argentina): “A micromagnetism-inspired effective scalar-field model to study driven systems in disordered media”
  • Yuliang Jin (Chinese Institute of Theoretical Physics, China): “Numerical study of plasticity and yielding in ultra-stable hard sphere glasses”
  • Jack Parley (Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany): “Time-dependent rheology of amorphous materials and the effects of power-law mechanical noise”
  • Massimo Pica Ciamarra (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): “Oscillatory Instabilities in Frictional Granular Matter”
  • Ido Regev (Ben Gurion University, Israel): Hierarchical memory in sheared amorphous solids
  • Charles Reichhardt (Los Alamos National Laboratory, US): “Reversibility and criticality in amorphous solids”
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